Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happy Friday - the red velvet hand of friendship

In a recent workshop we were tasked with planning a dinner party with entertainment afterwards. It was an exercise in 
communication. We have so many nationalities and faiths in our group that we needed to negotiate and more importantly learn about what our colleagues could and would not eat and do.
One group ended up with red velvet cake for dessert... there were oohs and aahs until a Zimbabwean guy asked what it was. Horror! 'You don't KNOW?' was the common reaction. Interesting. So, I offered to make him one and I took it in for him. It was a little thing to do, and a red velvet cake is not a reflection of British culture, but it is yummy and is gives me joy to do something for someone else. 

Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I also didn't know what a Red Velvet cake was. My excuse is that cakes do not normally figure on my diabetic/coeliac menus!

Liz said...

They are from America and the only version I make is from a packet mix. Otherwise it would involve working with beetroot or food colouring. Tastes chocolatey, is very moist and is red of course. We discovered them about 2 years ago. Now in Costa and such places. But the truth is J, I love to make a cake....x even on a school night.
PS. Hope we can catch up soon. xx

Karen said...

I had never heard of...nor tasted "Red Velvet" until I moved to the States...I'm not a 'cake' person..but there's a store near us Nothing but Bunt (Bunt cakes) that has a chocolate chip red velvet version that's to die for....