Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bitter truth

Boy is this one is hard to write, but here goes. I failed my first two essays. I was shocked the first time, and numb the second. I don't think it is because I am thick, I just didn't know how to write to an acceptable academic level.
It is better not to pretend to myself that all is well. Nor to anyone who reads this and might be interested.
What did I do when I found out? The first time, I cried a little. I then wrote to the tutor asking for a meeting. She told me she was unavailable. That hurt! I have written to another one. Still waiting to hear.
When it happened the next time I just felt sad and worried that maybe I am not up to scratch. I love it so much but is my head in the clouds? It seemed I did not 'get it' at all. So I have asked that tutor for a meeting. As tough and embarrassing as this is for me, it is more important that I learn how to write well and to do better next time around.
There are those around me who miss class, who talk through lessons, who even watch TV shows on their ipads. They have all passed. There are those who say they did REALLY badly and go on about how they are so worried that they will fail, when in fact they are way up there. Why pretend? It makes it even harder for us stragglers. It is hard to be sympathetic when they actually don't need it, not for failing anyway.
So, this week, I have been reading, writing, doing an online academic skills module and have booked myself onto a referencing course. This is my dream and I don't want to blow it.

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John said...

You won't blow it dear, you will be an amazing nurse x