Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Breasts and women of a certain age

After regaling you all with the bra fitting story I am now back with another booby tale.

I have an achy boob and have had one for some time. I am a big believer in self examination and know that there are no lumps there, that I can feel. My lovely GP said the same, but there is no denying it is a painful mammory, very sore indeed. So, she has referred me to the local Breast Clinic for some tests. My last mammogram was clear, so here's hoping it is nothing.

Having worked with Breast Consultants I know what the worst case scenario is and strangely I am not worried. That might change - but all I can do now is wait for the next appointment, look after myself and not torture myself with horror stories. 

Yay again for the NHS.....


Karen said...

I have only ever had a "sore booby" (& it was only one and only for a very short time) when menopause hit...hoping that is your reason too.

Liz said...

Thanks Karen. It could be just that, and fingers crossed it is!
Enough drama going on in life without any more!!