Sunday, 8 February 2015

Happy Friday - on a Sunday

As I reversed out of the driveway on Friday morning to head up to London, the sky was light and for the first time all winter, the Sat Nav was on daylight mode. I even left a few minutes earlier...more light is so good.

My eyes have been opened to the prospect of nursing in the community, at some point. However, I still want my hands on ward experience first.

On Saturday I went to IKEA and bought this. For months I have struggled with Hannah's child-sized desk and chair to work on and was determined not to buy another piece of furniture. But I need more work space. I have scoured charity shops, local sales, ebay etc and the most cost efficient/time efficient solution, this time, was just to buy the blasted thing. Delivery was horrendously expensive, so I went and got it myself. Ikea is a trap. I feel trapped in there having to follow the arrows ever forwards.... Mistakenly I headed off down the Market Hall not the Showroom Hall and discovering my error and feeling rather agitated walked back, against the flow of shoppers to where I wanted to be. It felt pretty rebellious and it wasn't easy. People meander and when I am on a mission I find meanderers annoying!

The plan this week is to sugar soap the walls in Han's room and paint it. She has given me permission and I think she will like the result. When she comes home, she will have a serene, more grown-up space to relax in and while she is away, I will have a nice study!

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