Thursday, 10 May 2007

I am who I am

Hello and thanks to everyone who e-mailed and commented on the blog. It was great to hear from so many people..... all the messages and emails were good to read.
The lovely sunny weather has gone and we have had showers on and off all week. The truth is that the rain helps. England, like much of the rest of the world faces water shortages, although this year it looks better than last year, so far. Life in Australia taught us to respect our water, but it is hard. Of late, anything used for washing vegetables and rice is put into a container for the pot plants and the drier patches on the lawn.
We compost madly too. All vegetable scraps and peel, no seeds and no citrus, the occasional egg carton (they are cardboard here) and egg shells. It is looking good, but won't be on the garden for months and who knows where we will be then? I am wondering if we can take our compost bin with us when we move...
This last week I have been working on two translations and have discovered how disciplined one really has to be to work at home. The humble oven timer did it for me. 60 minute cycles of head down, no checking e-mails, cooking, reading and NO flurries of housework, (that bit was easy). The girls were invaluable, they read some of text aloud to me. J was saintly in his patience and over the long weekend we shared the computer as his is down.
Tomorrow I have to travel to Brighton, about an hour south of here on the coast, for an interview. Because I left the UK so long ago.....decades in fact...I do not have national insurance number, which is necessary for jobs, tax and the pension. The interview aims to prove that I am who I say I am and that I really do live in England and plan to be here for a while. Much paper work has to be presented, but it should go smoothly.
Hope to get some more photos up soon. We had a grey squirrel in the garden yesterday, officially pests, but quite pretty from a distance.
Till next time.


Amy said...

Hey there Liz,
Things are good there , thats good translation work . i can't even imagine that! We saw some nice Tansu yesterday ...if only i had space & money too.My friends bought tansu last week. - over golden week I guess. I'm happy you are all settled in there. Things are good - my garden is looking good ...but i heard on TV that rainy season might be starting soon. yikes .
anyway- let's keep on blogging - Amy

tomoko said...

Dear liz,
I enjoyed your blog. It’s so good to hear that you and your girls are fine!
This spring, both of my daughters graduated from universities and began to work.
They left home and live alone each.
The picture is so beautiful! I love “Harry Potter” Do you remember I borrowed the
book from you? This July, we are traveling in Germany, but someday I want to travel
in England. Take care of your self.

Kuniko said...

Dear Liz,
Taichi-san taught me your news.
I'm glad to know that you and your family get quite well in your blog.
I'm working as a math teacher in a junior high school from last year.
There were some blank till now, but enjoys this work now.
I look forward to reading your blog.