Monday, 21 May 2007

Red Fox

The girls and I went for a walk after dinner the other night. It stays light until around 9:30 now, so it was very bright. We took the bridle path that is near the house, which is as the name suggests, a pathway for horse-riders. England is laced with bridle paths and public footpaths, some of which actually cut through private land, but are accessible to the public. They make for fantastic walks, as they are often through fields and forests. I always look out for birds, and in the evenings, rabbits and other mammals...(I want to see a hedgehog). We saw nothing of interest until we were on the main road near the house when Emily spotted a large red fox. (A bit like the one in this image). He stood in the driveway of a house across the road and we eyed each other off for about five minutes. He then made his way into the garden of the house. Foxes have become common in urban areas and are even found in large cities, where they forage for food in garbage. Often they are thin and mangy, but this one was large with a lovely coat. We will keep watch for him again.

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