Tuesday, 1 May 2007

May 1st - First Blog Day

Here am I now guilty of adding to all that cyber pollution with yet another blog. But it seems to be a good way of letting people know how we are, when there is so little time to write to you all individually.
May Day. Sunny and warm. The weather has been fantastic with the exception of two rainy days last week and our first week in March, when it snowed. Even then there were daffodils and cherry blossoms in bloom. Now we are seeing golden rape fields, apple blossom, lavender, lillies, rhodedendrons and early hydraenga buds. This is a great place to garden.
The girls are now settled well at school and are in the gardening club; mainly as the netball club season has ended and there is little else; but it is a chance to get wet and dirty after school one day a week.
The school is Crawley Down Church of England Village School in the small village of Crawley Down. Crawley means ' a place where cows gather on a hill....' as far as I remember. Very poetic. We drive through country lanes to get there and often see people on horse-back, squirells, pheasants, rabbits and ducks.
John commutes a long way each day to work, sometimes it takes 90 minutes to get there. So, we are selling this house and moving to a better location for all of us. The house has been on the market for four weeks and there is not a great deal of activity. The good side of that is that the longer we are here, the longer the girls can enjoy this school. They have been to school in four countries in the last year.....Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and now England, so another move so soon would be hard for them.
I am getting used to being a homemaker, domestic diva, etc. It is hard work! But I do like the cooking. I have had a small amount of translation work and would love to do more, but still feel unsettled, so will have to hope that after the next move, more comes my way. Eventually I will go back to work again.
I do miss friends though and have not met anyone here yet. Today I am going to a yoga class, that is a start.
Hope you like the photo attached of the girls and me at Alnwick (Annick is how you say it) Castle, north of Newcastle where we spent Easter with John, his son Adam and his parents. The castle was used as inspiration for Hogwarths school in the Harry Potter books.

If you read this blog, do send me a comment. Hope to hear from you all soon.


fd said...

blue sky?! you've got blue sky?!!!! lucky u! congrats on making it to blogosphere, fdx

yoshi said...

No matter where you go, You'll be
all right!!
We wish you happiness☆

Kaz said...

Liz - so good to hear from you and 'see' you and the girls too. Lovely with the spring daffodils. Good to hear you're settling in to your new life...always thinking about you.
xoxo Karen

Taiichi said...

Blog? That’s good idea to know your UK life.
You look enjoy your life with your family.
And I’m happy to hear you are settled well at UK, especially your girls are.
Your picture is beautiful.
By the photo, my wife and I remembered our trip to UK.
We saw many castles and enjoyed their episodes about them.
Anyway I enjoyed your Blog, and I hope your family will have happy life.

kaori said...

Seeing your lovely life,and I feel so happy. It's a nice way to know how you all are in UK. I wanna give you comments more,but my house was broken into yesterday! I've been so scared,anri is worse.I don't care about money was taken,we were safe. But there's no rings anymore. I kept lots of memories on those. Still in shock..

Amy said...

Life sounds good there in the UK. You all seem to be really settling in thats great! We're sure you'll have that driving undercontrol soon.
Thinking of you!!

daniela from Tokyo said...

Ciao Liz, It is Daniela!As I wrote in my emails I have read your Blog so now I know some about your life actually.It seems wonderfull! But where are u living, in Crawley Down???and how went the interwiew?and ....many questions...
Well, I will wait your next episode! But if you have time tell me if you think it will be posible to meet on july. Ciaaaoooo!!!