Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Empty nest

We drove the girls to the Guide camp site in rural Surrey on Sunday. Very rural, we saw deer, rabbits and llama en route. Llama are farmed in UK in some places, but it was still an interesting sight.
We were there in time to help them put their tents up. Great structures with alcoves for privacy. They sleep about 20 small girls. It was a long job, with the dads wielding mallets and mums mainly taking photos! The pirate flag, (the theme of the camp was pirates) the 'Jolly Roger', skull and cross bones on a black background, was hoisted at about 4:30. We left them then, and will not see them now for a few days.
John then had a business trip away the following night and I, really alone in the nest, took myself to London for the day. The weather was dreary so the long planned visit to Kew Gardens was put off. Instead I walked all around Knightsbridge and Leicester Square. I am getting to know the quieter streets now, and have found two great Chinese food stores for cheaper supplies of tofu and green tea. I watched a film as the rain was really coming down by mid afternoon, and then met my brother for drinks and dinner before heading home.

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