Friday, 6 July 2007


Big news for the town as we are to get our very own Monopoly board, depicting the famous local landmarks. Townsfolk can vote for the places they want to see included!
Standen, my favourite is at number 8 at present, a pub is in first place....this IS England after all, and the 100 year old sweet shop with its old fashioned scales and jars of sweets one would never see in a supermarket is at number 3. The girls are voting for that one. The town council has a committee to oversee the votes and of course we want to buy one of the games when it comes out at the end of the year. The long link is the announcement in the local paper a few weeks ago.

Yesterday John was at Wimbledon Center Court with guests in from the US. They watched Hewitt play and be beaten, but enjoyed a delicious lunch and of course, strawberries and cream for afternoon tea. The man made up for the few hours respite by working at home till all hours last night...
I had a more simple fare for lunch, egg sandwiches!! It was digging day at Standen and this time we were spared more laying of pipe. It was all weeding, first around the fig trees along the old wall in the lower carpark and then in the rhododendron dell. Such a lovely word, dell. On one side of the dell are rhododenron trees and where we were, on a steep slope, pitted with rabbit holes, were tiny little saplings. Next spring some of them should blossom.

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