Tuesday, 3 July 2007

wet wet wet

Lots of rain and flooding around the country. Thunder and lightning today as well. It is getting to be monotonous. But this hydrangea loves it. It is at the bottom of the garden, and the mop heads are so heavy with moisture they lie on the lawn.
We have been busy and have decided to seriously tackle the house. First job is the bathroom. It may not start for another six weeks, but the whole thing will be gutted and redone. John has left choices of colours, fittings and tiles up to me. It is a little daunting and I could do with some of the girlfriends around to advise me. How can you choose a tile all alone? It needs thought, discussion and a little wine. Anyway, I splurged on an interior magazine for some ideas and there is still a lot of time to decide. I am even having a CAD done....and if he can be persuaded, I am going to walk John through the showroom at least.

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