Friday, 12 September 2008

Dust and grime and the ubiquitous charity shop trend

Work continues and by the weekend there will only be a shell left. The dirt is piling up, but now that it is happening I feel a bit excited about what will arise out of the rubble!

EG where we live, boasts 6 charity shops and as many cafes, two of which are chains. Today yet another charity shop will open its doors, directly across the road from a sister/rival cause.....obviously people in this country buy so much that the unwanted, replaced 'stuff' can drive this multi million pound trend. One does not even have to buy a wedding dress London, Oxfam has a shop that sells brand new, off the rack dresses for about a 10th of the price, all off-loaded from stores with excess stock or shops closing down.....

I am not knocking them, I am an avid fan of the charity shop and buy clothes, books, sometimes jewellery and things for the house. I also donate any unwanted items, especially children's clothes, that are in good condition that might have a second life somewhere else. Who needs retail shopping???

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