Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Men at Work

The kitchen/utility room has long been an issue in the house. It is not big enough for 5 of us in there at once, is old and not very practical. Since getting here in March last year we have been planning to make this very important space in the house a more family friendly area and we are somewhat nervous as work starts this week.
It means five weeks with no kitchen, no downstairs loo, no sink, in fact a hole really. The loo, washing machine and dishwasher are being relocated into a space taken from the garage. That will free up the utility room and then the wall between it and the kitchen will be knocked down and the new kitchen put in there. There will de French doors opening onto the patio, and even Bosley will get a new door!
We have been moving things out all weekend and have set up a temporary camp in the dining room, the fridge is in there, as is most of the food. The microwave oven will be in the conservatory and we will wash dishes in a bucket. Our neighbour has lent us two gas rings to cook on and if the rain would stop for a while we could use the barbeque!!
John has managed very cleverly to arrange go to the Middle East for 10 days on a business trip and Hannah is off to Holland soon for a 6 day Art Exchange.....Adam, Emily and I will be left with the mess for the entire time....

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