Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The first training session at the hospital went well and tomorrow I will meet the consultant. He deals with skin cancers and I was warned that it can be quite 'heavy'.
I still feel happy to be given this chance and look forward to the challenge.
I have had a lovely few days with Em after school, Hannah has been revising for exams and riding her bike with her friends, so not so bothered about having mum to hang out with. Although she does like to know when I will be at home she says!
I miss not being here when the girls come home and the only regret about leaping into full time work again is the time one has to forfeit with family and home.
Tonight Celia came over and she kindly pinned the hem on my new trousers for me to sew up. How many years has it been since any of you have stood on a chair while someone pinned a hem? I felt like a child!
Emily finished a scarf for her grandfather who will be 80 next month and Celia helped her make a tassel for each end. She was thrilled and it looks brilliant.
John is coming home tomorrow and I will be glad to have him here. I am great on my own and have had years of practise, but it is nice to be part of a team.

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