Monday, 12 April 2010


It was wonderful. It is without doubt a beautiful country. We were lucky in that we were in the Kingdom of Mourne, where the Mourne mountians rise from the sea. My aunt let us use her bungalow in Newcastle and from there we did a lot.

The trip took 14 hours. We left home at about 6:00 and drove to Holyhead in Wales, caught the ferry to Dublin and drove from there to Kilkeel, right at the foot of the Mournes. We dropped in to see my aunt and uncle, it has been many years since I have seen them and of course a first for John and the girls. The house they live in is lovely and they have been there nearly 50 years, so it is a house I have known all my life.
They are very kind, energetic, generous and enthusiatic people and John and the girls were wowed by the reception. Then my cousin and her husband arrived and they all swept us up to Newcastle along with a pot of hot vegetable soup. The bungalow they lent us was really beautifully fitted out with a working fireplace and a view up the mountains behind.

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