Friday, 23 April 2010

On Hold

I am afraid that the blog/crochet etc has been neglected as the drama of the sale of the office twists and turns before our eyes. Many, many tears all week.(Not mine...I am smiling). The place is fraught with tensions as we sit and wait to see if it will actually happen. It was supposed to take place today (Friday) but has been postponed. This is my last day in the office, my other colleagues have gone and I am very happy to be leaving.
There is so much to do and so much to look forward to.

Francoise and Zoe arrive from Belgium tonight for three days of garden shopping!! Yippee, excuses to go to garden shows, garden centres and even the church plant fair.

We had a visit from the PA to the Head of Rikkyo School yesterday to see if we are the right sort of people to take some of their students in the May hols and YES, we are! Very pleased about it. But it could be a challenge for John having four Japanese teenage girls in the house.

I am now Company Secretary of John Rutherford Consulting Ltd...and we exchange on the flat in Whitley Bay today so, lots and lots of good things.

To top it off we have had sunshine for weeks. The cherry tree is in full bloom, and England is beautiful.

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