Monday, 29 March 2010

Best cure for anxiety

After posting the blog on Sunday I decided to take matters about the angst into my own hands. It is not good to feel unsettled and powerless at the same time. So, I did some serious deep breathing, some calming thinking and then headed out into the garden with John. It was lovely and warm, bumble bees were waking up and creeping out of bed and everything has little buds on it.
We planted some potatoes, this year they are Maris Peer and Wilja. I also started work on the front bed, which is already looking nicer.
On the whole the weekend was great. It was quiet and we were at home and it seems like a long time since we have been able to potter.
John and I went to see "I Love You Phillip Morris" as well, and really enjoyed it.

The hospital has written to say that they are offering me a job in the Admin Bank, great news, so after Easter, when I know more about what is going on here, I can make a decision.

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