Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Homestay bits and bobs

Our Norwegian homestay student is lovely. She is called Andrea and she is 14. Right between the girls in age, interested in the same music, TV and books and a friendly cheerful girl.
On her first night here we went to see Hannah in the Whisps Concert at Worth Abbey. Five schools, Worth, Hazelwick, Imberhorne (that's us!) St Pauls and Sackville get together annually and their orchestras play together, then each school performs. The Church was huge and the acoustics stunning. They played The Big Country by Jerome Moross and it was great. The rest of the evening was brilliant too, with incredible performances of songs from Les Miserables by St Paul's school students who were as good if not better than anyone we have heard sing to date.
Hannah enjoyed the experience, meeting new friends, working together and all eating a meal together before the show.

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