Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hectoring and Bullying

The letting industry is a service industry and that means being of service. It also sadly means being on the sharp end of many a tongue when people are not happy.
This is fine, it is part of the deal. But some people can try the patience of a saint with their demands, boorishness, arrogance and criticisms. One such delightful customer does not live in the country so we communicate by phone sometimes and email a lot. He is nothing but rude and bossy. I have just managed to get a legal case against him dismissed and today's email was to tell me that he WILL NOT accept the payment of utility bills while the house is empty. What does one say? The house was cleaned between tenancies, water was used, he pays. He is going to SORT THIS OUT when he gets back to England. The amount of time I spend calling the water board, appealing, writing letters and reporting back to him costs me and the company FAR more than the bill itself. Wouldn't it be say...take a hike mate!

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