Sunday, 28 March 2010

sunday morning angst

My colleague and I have discovered that the owner of the company where we work has agreed to sell it to a large chain in the same industry. It has been an unsettling time as we have not yet been told that in less than two weeks the company will be owned by someone else. My boss is an odd woman at the best of times, but it is amazing to watch her prepare information about the company and take phone calls outside on the pavement and NOT tell her two staff of her plans. It is made harder by the fact that two years ago she agreed to sell it to my colleague and has always promised her first refusal if it were to be sold in the future. How did we find out? Mostly by surmising, but also by the fact that when the temp came into the office last week to work at the boss's desk, she found an open letter to the buyer up on the screen!!
I am feeling a bit shaky. I have long hoped that my colleague would buy the shop and I would continue to work for her. I like the business, despite the crabby people we occasionally have to deal with.
However, to add to the drama, I had a job interview at the Queen Victoria Hospital at the end of the week. Mainly for the Admin job bank, so this means fill-in jobs on an on call basis. There is though, a job going in Admissions that the head of the department wants to up-grade to full time and she talked me through that as well. I will have an answer from the hospital after the trip to Ireland.
This trip is looming as a real oasis in a rocky period. Being jobless short term if it comes to that is fine. Working part time is fine. Gillian has plans to set up alone and take me on part time as well, so who knows. What I do not like is knowing what I know and waiting for someone for whom I have worked hard and trusted to simply tell me the truth.

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