Monday, 15 March 2010

Survey results

We got the survey results back on the flat and it is ok. Not 100%, but then we did not think it would be. The outbuildings (sheds!) need some work, which we could see. The ceilings will need some work in the future, replacing maybe? and we need to ventilate it a bit better below ground level. I am still sure we can do all this and get a return, but will need to sit down with John and talk it through. One thing that surprised me is that it dates from the 1900's. So it is a Victorian conversion.
If the decision is not to go for it, I would be pretty ok about it as it is not for us to live in. But at the same time, I like the place. The only hassle is starting to look again. Not so easy from 350 miles away!
Mother's Day. Have never been a big fan as I think we love each other every day. However, the girls got me a lovely card and Sarah Water's latest novel so I was very spoilt. We went to T'Wells to shop and John worked in the garden. On the way home we bought him some snowdrops, galanthus elwesii and the galanthus nivalis. They look lovely.

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