Monday, 22 March 2010

Anniversary and more

The 18th of March was our third anniversary in England. We left Hong Kong on 17th and flew into snow and daffodils.
It was my half day off that day, and after work I raced home, threw on a dress and hopped on a train to Victoria station. There I met up with a very dear friend called Victoria...and we spent a frantic 90 minutes bringing each other up to date on news. She works in the Antarctic in the British winter and only flies back for short bursts throughout the year. We are very good at talking very quickly so that nothing is left out! After that I caught the tube to Westminster and met John. We went to a reception at the Foreign Office for recent retirees. The Foreign Office is a grand old building with coloured tiles and painted walls and it was real treat to be in there, especially as it was a farewell to John and his colleagues and we are not likely to be going back. Drinks and canapes, lots of new people to meet and some I already knew. Very nice evening. We split a ham and cheese baguette on the way home and it was not a late night.

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