Wednesday, 10 March 2010


We all have them, big and small. One of mine is to have a property portfolio! Reality, we have a mortgage, although, by Easter, we may own a two bedroom flat in North Shields! John and I saw two and chose one that we think we can rent out quickly. It needs very little doing to it (the survey has not been done yet though) and is likely to have reasonable resale potential...pending market developments etc etc etc! It is all a risk, but exciting.
The trip up North was busy, apart from house-hunting, we went to lunch with John's parents and then a drive to St Mary's Lighthouse where we had an icecream. The weather was so cold I could barely open my mouth to eat it!
Unfortunately we could not catch up with friends Chris and Judy as Judy was ill, but John and I caught the Metro to Newcastle, which is a lovely town. We had lunch, he bought me a beautiful piece of antique jewellry and then he headed off to watch Newcastle United play at St James Park. (They won 6-1!!). I browsed through the shops and had a great time.
John's sister is in real estate, and it was through her we got our wonderful flat, so we celebrated with her, her husband and J's parents. Champagne all round.
The sun was shining on Sunday and I wanted to stay and do a walk somewhere in the area, but we had a 5 hour drive to do to get home to our girls and Adam. A good weekend.

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