Monday, 1 March 2010

New Tack

Lots of good food this weekend... We had dinner with friends in Frant, near Tunbridge Wells, in a pub called The George. Drinks at their house before that and it was a great evening. Stormy weather was forecast, but it held off till Sunday morning. John and I ventured up to Croydon where we popped in to Wing Yip for a few goodies from the bakery. Curry bread, red bean cake, steamed pork buns and a sesame and coconut ball....the pork buns and curry bread made for two very happy girls. Then we had lunch at An Nam, the Vietnamese restaurant in the complex. Fabulous food, and lots of it, so much that we had to ask for doggy bags.
We dropped into Furniture Village to see John's sister and collect two bags of hand me downs from her daughter and again trailed around looking for sofas and not finding anything that we both like!!
We did both agree though, that we do not utilise our time as well as we could, so from this morning we have decided to get up an hour earlier every day, for me to crochet and to listen to the news in Japanese and for John to walk to the newsagents for the paper and to watch the business news.
I got one of my projects finished and it will be on the Flickr Photostream later in the day.
Finally, the weather is glorious this morning.

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