Saturday, 27 February 2010


There are times when a rejection letter gets tossed aside with nary a care and times when the 'not this time' sits heavy in the air for an hour or two.
The latter this morning. Another no to a job application. Not the end of the world...after all I do have a job. I think it is a combination of things. The 'no' I can live with, but I am increasingly more frustrated that I am not able to make more of my creations and write more patterns for crochet. If I am honest, I am not making more time for this so maybe it is time to start being ruthless? I am saving up to have a web site designed for me. Sounds extravagent, but I want to sell the things, the patterns and other stuff and think a web site will help. Who knows.
I worked on something new this week and should get it up on Flickr over the weekend.

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John said...

Sweetheart, just seen this. If you want a website for your products, I will pay for it. Jxx