Monday, 8 February 2010

The Hoodie of Gloom

The Hoodie of Gloom is worn a lot at our place at present, mostly by our youngest. She is often tired, down, apathetic and overwhelmed by tasks like tidying her room, (the mess has to be seen to be believed), practising the clarinet, or even calling up a friend to hang out with.
My take is that she is a teen, a girl and moody and I do all I can to reveal the child of joy that lurks under the hoodie.
John has been getting worried though and today we called the school to see if they could give some advice, and maybe even get the counsellor to talk to her. The head of year says that it sounds like a teen thing, but she will put feelers out and do what she can to find out if all is well so that we can take it from there.
I still like to think she is a teen and that her life is full of angst that is big and scary and relevant to her and hope that she will find the inner strength and confidence to put it into perspective and realise how lovely she is and that life too is not that bad.

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