Thursday, 18 February 2010

Musical Debut

Tonight is the first night of the musical Alice in Wonderland at Chequer Mead with Hannah in the role as the punk card and Emily, the bear. (Yes, bear, this is an extra special version of the story). They have worked hard to learn their songs and dances and last night came home with remnants of make-up on from the first on-stage run through. They have a list of things to buy and take with them today, hair nets, hair pins, make-up wipes etc. John is in charge as I am at work till 1pm. He is coping with all the girly stuff very well and has been sending them off to rehearsals with great packs of healthy food to keep them going.
Sadly, rumour has it that sales of tickets are low, but I am sure the weekend performances will have good turnouts.
We are going to get them a bouquet of flowers each. We want them to feel like stars.


Liz said...
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Liz said...

The show was very good, funny and clever with great music. The girls were of course wonderful, although Em's make up was so good we did not know who she was at first!
Very proud parents!