Thursday, 11 February 2010

Insects standing?

In the old Japanese lunar calendar there are some lovely dates. One is called Standing Insects. Early in the year, as the soil warms, insects begin to move about. As we just had Setsubun.... the beginning of the Spring...we threw peanuts out into the garden along with all the bad luck and chucked a few back in with some good luck, for a good year...there is bound to be the odd insect stirring!
Me too, my gardening bug is stirring as well. Despite the flurry of snow we had last night, it is clear that things are happening out there.
Daffodils and crocii shoots, buds on the hydrangea and other plants. It makes me want to start digging. I have my eye on some seed potatoes and need to cut back the Autumn Bliss raspberries. These are amazing things, we had so much fruit from 4 skinny canes last year. There are still berries in the freezer.
Longer days and more digging time, What will happen to the amigurumi and quilting?

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