Thursday, 4 February 2010

craft bee

Celia came last night for our Wednesday night session and everyone got into it.
She is knitting clothes for a doll, little red leggings, which are very sweet. Em decided to make a mouse with blue and brown felt and Hannah revealed that she is working on a cushion cover at school with a complex design based on the frog in the film Spirited Away. She drew a picture of what it looks like and between her and Celia, they worked out how she could embellish it. This meant raiding my box of Japanese fabrics that I love so much and never use. She has found two pieces to add to the cushion. Can't wait to see it.
I started work on crocheting PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS, lovely orange ones from Sainsbury's! I am making a shopping bag...anyway, it is interesting doing something with a thick hook and with a texture that is new. I am convinced it will work but at this early stage it looks like a tacky place mat!
On a more humble note, while researching how to do this I found a video on the 'Net about a group of women in Africa who make bags the same way. They were poking through their local rubbish for filthy old bags and even scraps of plastic. They took them back to the village, washed and dried them on a line and then made some wonderful totes, bags and purses with beautiful designs. Since seeing that one I have seen a lot more about communities who recycle waste to make the most beautiful, practical items.
Humbling indeed and a lesson to be learnt.

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