Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Less TV although not none!

Last night after dinner I sat in the kitchen and assembled some of the amigurumi. A rabbit (ugly thing), a bee...(very nice) and a penguin which was a disaster and which I unpicked. Oh, and a cup cake too.
I was determined to do something with my time and not waste it in front of the box. Good call as Em stayed with me the entire time and we played with Bosley and had a good evening.
I am still bursting with ideas and must just get on and do them, so less TV if not none. (I sat and watched The Wire with Adam and John afterwards...love that show, but felt as if I deserved it).
The images are on Flickr and I was pleased to see that there were 2 views on two of the animals. No comments, but it is a start.
Tonight is trampoline...I am loving this.

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