Friday, 12 February 2010

Sisterly greetings

My youngest sister lives in Darwin, NT, outback Australia. It is a pretty coastal town and she lives across the vast harbour in a smaller quieter settlement. She commutes to town by ferry.
She sent an email with photos and I thought they would be of her sons. But as you can see here, this one is of a huge saltwater crocodile being fed by boys at one of the stations in the Territory.
Crocodiles get to be this size as there are no natural predators, (except when they are eggs and small enough for birds, pigs, dingos as well as fish and other crocs to take them). Over a certain size it gets harder. Hunting them is banned as they were once hunted to near extinction. Now there is talk of introducing game hunting and or a cull.
They have always caused a tiny element of terror in me. They can jump almost as high as their body length, can out run a man, stay underwater for 30 mins and swim extremely fast. No getting away!

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