Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Awe and admiration

Amigurumi are fine for what they are, and are fun to make, but I only want to make them to sell, give away or as a teaching aid if ever someone wants me to teach them how! I would not want my house full of the things. Crochet too still has the tendancy to make me think of doilies. In my research (pouring over images on Flickr and reading craft blogs...i.e. hours on the 'Net) I sometimes come across blogs that blow me away.
My favourite one is Dragonfly, see the list of blogs I follow. It is beautiful to look at and the author comes across as someone I would like to know. It is odd reading a stranger's blog, but then again, they are out there to be read. Yesterday I found another one called Gooseflesh The range of her work is astounding, and the colours give me thrills! Have a look and see. One thing about her photos, before I discovered that she is based in Sydney, is the light in them. I kept looking at them, thinking she was an American artist, but the flora and even the fauna (a brahmin bull?) were so AUSTRALIA. And on her profile it says she is from Sydney. I was pleased. I love the light in Australia, and maintain it is like nowhere else. My sister is a landscape artist, based there and she agrees.
Enjoy these two blogs. I do. Just wish mine was as inspiring. That sets me a challenge.

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