Wednesday, 17 August 2011

She's here....

Nothing like the arrival of a new baby to distract one from a long list of
'Things that have to be done on my precious day off because I am too lazy have no time to do them on other days of the week' (Thank you baby!)
She arrived last night, she, mum and dad are doing well and are all probably as shell-shocked as each other. The news from London sent the phones around the world aringing with the news. When I heard the phone ring here I was working on the blankie and now I must really get my act together for her, otherwise she'll be at uni by the time it's finished.
As yet nameless, there is no option but to refer to the little one as she and her!!
I am so happy I could cry (and I did....)

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The Gingerbread Lady said...

Congratulations! And think of all the fun you'll have, making lots of baby things for her :-)