Saturday, 13 August 2011

Small town

This frilly beauty is the first rose from the bush since we planted it earlier this year. It smells amazing, and I had to bring it in as it was drooping so low that we could not see it behind other plants. It looks lovely with the hydrangea in my Chinese oil pot.
This morning Big J and I walked into town to get our fruit and veg from the stall in the walkway. It is a bit of a routine. The produce is excellent and it was a little reminiscent of Spain, well....especially as we had our Spanish shopping basket with us!! I like to buy fresh food when possible. I also like to walk to the shops and am trying to wean myself from hopping in the car at the drop of a hat.
Town means more to me now. I used to work on the old High Steet,

famous for its Tudor buildings, but it was all a bit cold. Now, a trip to town usually always results in meeting someone I know. It is really nice to feel part of life here. I never thought I would feel this way, but a place becomes something special because of the people in it. Big J and I talked about it. This afternoon he is off to watch the England v Wales game at the rugby club with a neighour. It is a good life.

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Planet Penny said...

What a gorgeously frilly rose, and if it smell as good as it looks, wow!