Wednesday, 31 August 2011


A day of lists:

Make up beds for our wonderful girls and their granny who are heading back from Japan on Friday - this is currently a WIP, as the boys have not removed their painting kit from Em's room and her furniture is all over the place and the mattress covers for Han-solo are still damp.

Post ebay items

Ironing (she slumps sobbing to her knees....the pile is so BIG)- It is a lot smaller now, but there is a basket lurking under the stairs as I write this...

Some baking maybe.....? Not today chubby!

Some culling of things

Some watering of listless plants and pruning of sickly roses
Maybe it will rain later?

Cleaning - gotta be done - sparkling bathroom.

and in all of this some time to CROCHET - if one square counts?

and to nap.

Oh, and time to read all my favourite blogs and get inspired.

I also cooked, walked to the shops, posted a pile of clothes to my dearest friend's Boos in Japan, went to the veg stall and took a pile of stuff to the charity shop.

Now relaxing with a decaf coffee and about to go and watch the next half of The Great British Bake Off...

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