Monday, 5 September 2011

Manic Monday gets mellow

This is where I would like to have been today.

Or here:

Pottering around these smooth lovelies would have been nice as well.

Much as I love my work, there are days when it can be a load. Some unhappy folk today who needed to tell me how unhappy they are and how things are 'just not acceptable'. Some are worried about healing - and they are not. Some have stashed all their drugs and have no idea what they take and when. Some are not themselves, literally. There are those who become different people, with different names and different histories. A colleague is very ill.
I was happy to get home to Big J and the girls. They are all a flutter about school starting tomorrow. We had a favourite dish for tea as well, more joy...chirashizushi
All of us then took Poppy for a walk and went blackberry picking. Japanese granny will be making jam to take back with her.
The evening more than made up for the day.

The other things that cheered me up were all the photos taken this weekend with our lovely girls and granny in London. To be published later...

Off to crochet and stitch together more blanket...

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