Sunday, 11 September 2011

Seasonal food

I have set two bottles of sloe gin, that gorgeous pink juice is slowly colouring the clear liquid. I gave them their first shake today and a woodlouse floated gracefully to the surface....somehow I missed the little blighter. The recipe I used this year advocated a drop of almond essence in the miz...although no mention of bugs! Em suggested I label the bottle "Woodlouse Blend 2011". Bet no one notices the difference.

Other foraged food this week has been blackberries and apples, which became a blackberry and apple crumble, yum. Love crumble season.

Next will be damsons, for vodka amd jam....

I heard a great thing to do with sloes once the gin has been decanted off them. Top up the bottle with a mild sherry and leave it for about 3 months for another fruity liquer.

I noticed lots of small perfectly formed pine cones on the ground on the way home from a walk to town today....I am thinking of wreaths already, and we picked some almonds from a tree in the road. The fruit had split, revealing the nuts (in their shells). A few days drying in the conservatory might yeild some yummy kernals. Not so lucky with some hazelnuts recently, but it is worth giving it a try.

I do love a good forage.

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