Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Enough already

Ok, no more wallowing in self pity about the imminent departure of baby and family. Time to snap out of it and get on with life, the blanket and (whisper) the garden. I had not ventured out there for ages. Only to pick raspberries of which there are many. The tomatoes are slumped against the fence, cross looking, twisted, resentful. The raspberry canes are bent to the ground heavy with fruit but sorely tempting to the odd slug, and the acanthus,
it had to go. (And it went thanks to Big J and his Spears and Jackson fork!). It is pervasive, it is everywhere. I love the tall spires with the little bonnet like flowers, but the whole thing needs space and is prickly. So at the weekend I started, weeding, digging, removing and tidying my space. Joy. I love the garden. The best bit? I found a frog living in a clump of geraniums:

A common frog, but the fact that it lives in the front border is testament to the fact I will not allow any chemicals in there, and that the soil is good enough for free range worms and slugs to live in which provide food for this little creature.

Today, I have stitched some squares together. Good sign. Only a few rows from completion.

Can't wait for my first ever blanket Ta-dah!

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