Sunday, 25 August 2013

Casting off

Baby boy's cardigan is about to be cast off. The East West cardi went south and try as I might, I could not get it done in the fine wool. I tried it again in Rico Baby, but it started to look pulled and sloppy and not like anything that could be given as a gift.

A good hour on Ravelry (don't you just love it?), got me a couple of free patterns. The one I chose seems incomplete in its directions. There are no button holes and sometimes the stitch count is given and at sometimes not. Fortunately we have a nice knitting shop in town with a very nice lady who helped me out. I popped in to buy some stitch markers and she told me to use those tiny hair bands that can be bought at Claire's or Superdrug instead as they are cheaper, or just a bit of thread.....which I did in the end. She is also very patient at answering questions. So with her input and a lot of thinking, there is now a tiny wee cardigan on the needles waiting to be cast off.

Photos tomorrow. x

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