Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Less cross now the NHS rant  is all over the 'net! 
On a happy note:
I have been working on little cardigans using the 5 hour baby boy sweater pattern from Ravelry to give to charity. Too many babes will be cold somewhere this winter. The pattern is identical, I have just used different ply yarns and needle sizes to get these three. I think they will go without buttons as they are really for wrapping the baby and the pattern has no button holes. I added them for Thomas's cardi but that was because it worried me not to have them. Having seen loads of other photos of it buttonless now, I am happy with the way it is. They all need to be blocked and the ends sewn in, but they are at least done!

The lumpy thing at the top is a 7' scarf for Big J using the Eton's scarf pattern, also from Ravelry. It is great to knit and has a beautiful texture. I used a super giant ball of Aran wool bought in Hobbycraft and there is a lot left over, for more cardis and some beanies, which I also want to add to the donation pile. 

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