Saturday, 26 October 2013

Harry Potter lives here!

We have just collected a young man from Heathrow, a young Japanese man who went to school with the girls when we lived there. What an enthusiastic person. He is RARE among the many, many Japanese students of English that I have come across in that he WANTS to speak in English. 

He has asked me what he can call me and seems happy to use my first name..... He has asked me to correct everything he says, not necessary, he is doing very well and he has asked me to tell him if his behaviour/language is inappropriate or odd!!

But the best thing is that he is seeing all we take for granted about our town with fresh eyes. He thinks our neighbourhood looks as though Harry Potter should live here.... and that the town itself is like a 'Disney movie set'.

It is so refreshing for me to see his reaction. Just off a 12 hour flight he is in town now with Hannah and we are going to watch the local rugby team a bit later on. He reckons he will be up for Match of the Day tonight as well.... 

Could be an active week.


Jay said...

How lovely to see the place you live in through fresh eyes, is he only with you for the week? Enjoy!

Liz said...

yes, only one week, but luckily it is half term so lots will get done.