Sunday, 27 October 2013

Windy weather as The Storm approaches

The Storm, The Storm, is it coming. A tree is down in a neighbouring village. There are about a dozen leaves left on the neighbour's maple.
This morning we walked the dog on the farm. Around the fields, the sky sometimes black, sometimes blue above us. Lots of chestnuts to be found, they go in the oven this afternoon....Keisuke loved the open space, and the wind just lifted everyone's spirits.
We visited a dog kennel as well today as Juno has to stay somewhere when we are away at Christmas. Not bad, a bit whiffy, and for some reason I though it should be cleaner? Having not seen one before it is hard to judge. I will compare a few I think.

Now I am about to start the traditional roast dinner thing with yorkshire puds for our Japanese guest.....he is watching football with Big J. Nice for Big J that he has someone to share that with. 


fearnach said...

kennel should probably smell of disinfectant I would recommend you look for another one. wouldn't like such a lovely little dog to have a bad experience and put him off boarding out.

Liz said...

Thank you for that really good point. Hoping to see another one this week.

Karen said...

Have you thought about having someone come to the house? We used to have a pet sitter (bonded/insured service here)- she came twice a day to feed/water - and if you have a dog walk get someone looking out for the house that way too - and water the plants. She used to send us email updates and photos...much better for our cat than a kennel which she hated - and used to get violent :) with them so they actually "suggested" we didn't bring her back...:))