Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Knickers for Gambia

Today is a sick day, not a good day, but I had to see the doc so on the way home popped into the Cancer Research shop and found 12 pairs of brand new, with the tags on, kids knickers...for £3.00. They are going to The Gambia with us. Everyone needs knickers, so let's hope these get to cover some little bums. 


Jay said...

Hi Liz thank you for your comment, can I email you directly with some Gambia info? I didn't realise you were going out there, I'm so far behind on blogging! I can't see the "email me" button on your blog, I'm going to try to put one on mine now if you'd like to get in touch.
I have some info about Gambia and can send you what I know if you like?
I'd love to be visiting Gambia again!

Jay said...

Hi Liz, did you get my email ok, it was a bit lengthy!