Sunday, 3 August 2014

Photo edit

This morning I have been editing photos from the trip, mainly the bird photos and it is a big task. Most of the shots I got were of birds on the feeder in the neighbour's garden so that means the birds were quite far away, for my camera at least. Funny how that does not stop one from taking loads of pics, knowing the birds will look like a little blob of colour rather than a creature that can fly. We live in hope I expect!! 
Anyway it was fun, for me and here are one or two.
 A Kookaburra on an old (gum?) tree taken on a walk one morning.
 Galahs being interrupted by a magpie at breakfast

 A rainbow lorikeet on the verandah 

This little blue and yellow parrot is a pale headed rosella and it looks a bit like a big budgie. There were a few in the garden but they were very shy and hard to snap. Until I blew up the photo I had no idea a little dove was sitting there too. This is what the rosella really looks like: (Wiki photo not mine!).
Then there were king parrots, a pair: 
Wikipedia provided this photo too, I rarely saw them together. 
The noise of the birds is just amazing. Currawongs and magpies whistle and warble as well as caw. The parrots all screech and when a big flock comes in to roost, it is really noisy. The Kookaburras laugh and cackle, but they also do a very nice gurgling chuckle when they are just passing time. 
I saw bush turkeys, 
 white Ibis - what an ugly bird, 
the straw necked ibis 
and some beautiful little wrens as well. 

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Jay said...

What wonderful pictures, beautiful colourful birds. I could spend hours watching and listening .