Sunday, 10 August 2014


In the last few weeks I have been blessed to be able to travel safely across the world to see family. I arrived a few hours before a plane on the same flight path was shot from the sky. There were no survivors. The Aussie press went wild. Pages of photos of those lost, those left behind, outraged comments from the PM and the Foreign Minister spoke out against the atrocity in the UN and lead a move against the purpetrators. But, as sad as it was, days later another flight went down in an impoverished African nation. There were also no survivors. There was only a minute or two of news coverage. Meanwhile in Gaza, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan and countless other countries war rages. And now we hear of more truely abhorrent acts against people for what they believe and how they live. And deliberate acts against children.
We have limited internet access here and do not watch the TV. But when I do get the iPad I cannot help but read the news. I am just aghast. I want to do something, anything to help in any small way. Donate? Volunteer? Fund raise? My mind is racing and I just want to be of use to ANYONE be it a drink of water, a sanitary pad, bandages, clothing ANYTHING.
At home I have a pile of little knitted jumpers and some beanies to go off. If they can actually get there and where is there? So many places and so many people. I am crocheting like mad to make useful things although it seems a bit like Marie Antoinette indulgence. I get to do what I like before anyone else gets anything....
How can we from the comfort and safety of our lives really help?

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