Saturday, 11 October 2014

A natural sloth

As a natural sloth, I am fascinated by such television gems as 'hoarders anonymous' and fastidious cleaning shows where someone with an obsessive cleaning streak gets to meet a natural sloth and clean their house.....and to declutter it and streamline it and make it all lovely and that person will live happily ever after!

And for some reason that end bit, which is nothing to do with the show, is how it works in my head!!  If my house was clean, tidy, clutter free, I would be HAPPY and so would my family and life would be smooth and efficient and productive. 

So I bought a steam cleaner, to help acheive this blissful state, and do you know, it is quite the thing.
I have steamed loos, bathrooms, carpets, floors, furnishings, windows and even the wrinkly bits on one of Big J's suits. The most fantastic acheivement with the thing is a sparkling oven, I mean there is not a dot of grease in there....The dog loves it but keeps trying to bite the steam which makes operating it risky near a hyperactive Jack Russell. 
It is brilliant not to have to use loads of chemicals, although I cannot part with my bucket of hot water and bleach...that's my Irish, former nurse, mother in me....
Today the conservatory fell victim to it and right now that room is a zone of zen like serenity. 

The cushion covers are in the wash, the hydrangeas in the basket are from the garden. Where the flowers have been exposed to light they are purple and the underside is green, lovely. In the corner you might be able to see a fish bowl. This contains my growing collection of seaglass from around the world. Any beach I go to, I try to find a piece to bring home. The whole room smells of lavender, from the garden. 
I am HAPPY. But must confess, that two years' copies of Mollie Makes, my yarn basket(s) and one or two other items have been banished to the garage.....yes, not really dealing with the situation, but at least I feel good. They will be restored to their place in due course, but right now it is about enjoying the clutter free moment. x

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