Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New addition to the blog list

I am a huge fan of Sarah Wilson and her food ideas. I find I eat a LOT less sugar since discovering her and am more aware of what I buy and cook. I am also a fan of cooking from scratch and really don't like ready bought meals, although do eat them when they are the easiest thing on hand sometimes. But I digress a bit. 

A few times since we started this nursing course we have been told by some of our very rather large teachers that we might notice our uniforms becoming tighter over the next 3 years and we may need to buy bigger ones. Quelle Horreur! WHY? Yes the hours are long and yes breaks can be erratic and one tends to go for fast pick me up food when feeling tired....but stacking on 2 or three stone is not really a good idea.  We are HEALTH professionals....'physician heal thyself' and all that. And is it ok just because we might feel a bit tired or run down or need a pick me up, to go mad with the donuts.....?
Some of my new nursy friends have pledged to be in the same tunics and pants in three years. Me too. I would like a smaller pair of pants in fact. I got a size bigger than I normally wear (on advice for movement) and they are baggy round the bum and have a seriously unattractive elasticated waist at the back with pleats at the front. A side glimpse of myself in a window yesterday was truly scary. 
But good old Sarah and some of her simple snacky ideas help and so do healthy packed lunches - mostly leftovers. Lots of water and the odd cup of strong tea. Watch this space.... and check out some of her food. 

PS. It is Book Club at my house tonight and I am making a pumpkin pie!!!!! LOL.

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