Sunday, 19 October 2014

Poppies and a party

This weekend, we went to London to celebrate a friend's birthday.  A lovely, lovley girl. Before joining the throng, we had some time to see more of this amazing city. We visited the Tower of London and saw the poppies. 

I took so many photos, there were so many people, it was hot and slow moving and so hard to comprehend that all of these red flowers represent someone who died in conflict. In one war. 

We walked across London Bridge and the tide was out. I love that the river is tidal. We walked miles and our feet hurt. I had a bath and massaged mine. 
We met new people and invited them to visit us in our part of the world. We ate hot dogs...great party food. We slept in a king sized bed and for me it was heaven. Big J is like Winston Churchill, he sleeps little. 
This morning we found a patisserie in Chelsea where everyone speaks French and had coffee and a little snack. London is some city. So sad though that it is so expensive.

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