Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Another little cull

Another one for the Charity Shop
Today has been slow, but productive. Tough too. I parted with some ancient items of clothing, one a coat that I bought just after Em was born.....about 18 years ago. I loved it. An elegant swing coat, in wool with deep, deep patch pockets and I wore it until about 4 years ago. I still got comments then on how nice it is, but it drowns me a bit now and just does not fit in with my current needs. 
So it went. As did other clothes, even some I had earmarked for ebay....just not enough time and I am fed up with the guilt of seeing the bags of stuff lying around that have to be listed. One or two have been kept, but most have gone. 
Some forgotten items from a life and country long over, dust covered on top of a wardrobe have gone too.
One or two things that I thought would look nice in our new home - before we left Hong Kong - but that never made it out of the bag. All gone.
The load is lighter. 
Tomorrow we get new windows at the front of the house. The current ones have blown and this should insulate us better this winter. We have had the heating on about 4 times this season. Em and I rug up when we are here on our own. It seems a lot to heat a 4 bedroom house when there are two of us rattling around. (Big J is in I write).
Off to walk the dog...such a lovely afternoon. 

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