Monday, 30 June 2008

First dipping

I fell into the reservoir on Sunday. My first day out in a lightweight single skull and all was going well until about 30cm from the pontoon. How true it is that one should not let go of ones blades! Thinking it was close enough to grab the pontoon, I reached out and in I went!! It was far less cold than it looks and not green/smelly or slimey....all very good points as this is our drinking water!!
The Henley Regatta is on this Saturday and I would love to go, but work calls. Maybe next year.

We went to a huge car boot fair to see how prices are and what sells. We attempt one this weekend.

Between John my brother and myself we are trying to get tickets for the World Cup Cricket next year. Better still would be tickets for a 20/20 game, but they are like hens teeth.

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