Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Good neighbours

Since John hurt his leg, our neighbours, Mandy and Dave have been wonderful. Mandy offered to drive to Whitley Bay with me to get the children on Sunday. We eventually agreed that not only was it too far, but that when we got there, there would be no bed for her to sleep in as we could not turn around and drive back in the same day! Anyway, as you know, John managed to get home as did the kids but we were pleased that they were both so kind.

This morning, very early, they came to the rescue again when John could not put any weight on his ankle. (It is actually a green colour now and still puffy). I called them to ask on the off chance if they had a pair of crutches lying around and they did!! (Tom, their very athletic son has had all sorts of injuries and happened to have a pair from the last one). John hobbled off to London and has since informed me that he is doing his best to reschedule a 10 day business trip to the Middle East that is to start on Sunday. I hope he can.

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